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  • Julius Orange, PhD

    Dr. Orange is a Dutch-German applied physicist who teaches at the California Institute of Technology. Formerly an instructor at the University of Gttingen, he fled Germany when the Nazis rose to power along with his mentor, Dr. Max Born. Dr. Orange is …

  • Ruby Fitzgibbons

    Ruby Fitzgibbons is a well-connected socialite originally from the East Coast who has made her home in Los Angeles. Adventurous and outgoing, she has thrown herself into the California lifestyle, even briefly producing her own motion picture.

  • Geronimo Cuevas

    Geronimo Cuevas is a native of Spain. A supporter of the Spanish Republic, he ran afoul of the conservative factions in the run-up to the Franco coup, forcing him to flee Spain. He ended up going to ground in Los Angeles, where he found a variety of …

  • Millicent Lowell

    Millicent Lowell is a student at an East Coast prep school. An orphan, she has been befriended by Senator and Mrs. Bradley Grey, and is a frequent guest of theirs during the holidays. She often spends time in Los Angeles during the summer.