Eternal Lies: The Masks of the Liar

Episode XVI: Ashes to Ashes (Part 10)

Geronimo carefully set his plastic explosive charges and then ran back to crouch over Ruby. There was a loud bang, and then the door to their room fell backwards with a crash. He helped Ruby up and they staggered into the hall.

Dr. Orange and Millicent were fleeing toward the amphitheater. The German turned a corner and suddenly felt himself violently picked up and then thrown fifteen feet down the corridor.

Millicent stopped dead as Mirabelle stepped around the corner. “Hello, sis,” she said, and then seized Millicent around the neck.

Millicent clutched her neck with her hand. She felt the bronze pendant of Jack Brady’s necklace under her hand and concentrated on it…

There was a tittering noise all around her and Mirabelle. Something latched onto Mirabelle. Something began sucking blood into itself, slowly beginning to outline some horror from beyond the stars…

[A Star Vampire, in fact! It’s what the necklace summons!]

Mirabelle snarled and slapped at whatever was draining her, dropping Millicent. There was a sound like a flabby balloon smashing into a wall as the something was smashed away. Millicent staggered up and began to run, with her sister in pursuit.

Geronimo and Ruby came limping into the amphitheater just in time to see Jimmy running toward…toward…toward…

Toward half a farmhouse, which incongruously had appeared at the end of the amphitheater.

“Isn’t that…” said Ruby.

“Jimmy. Two of them,” groaned Geronimo.

Jimmy dashed up to the boundary and came to a halt just outside the farmhouse. “Where is that bastard?” he said.

The 1926 Jimmy pointed with his Xoxul war club at the corpse of the sorcerer.

[I didn’t ask the players to track two character sheets, but I did give them a card to track health and Stability separately for each version of the PCs. This was a 4 point Stability loss to both Jimmys.]

Vince Stack and Walter Winston stared at them with open mouths. “You…you…youse…” said Stack.

“We have to find Job and do something about the Singularity,” said both Jimmys simultaneously. Disconcertingly, the Jimmy on the 1937 side of the boundary was now holding the club. He didn’t recall how he got it.

Mirabelle, Millicent, and Dr. Orange emerged into the demi-ellipse.

Mirabelle seemed to punch the air. There was a burst of blood, and the sound of something shrieking. She spun around to face Millicent.

“I want your brain!” she bellowed. “The brain from your past self! I know she’s near!”

“If you have it, you won’t be you, you’ll be me!”

“What?!” Mirabelle grabbed her by the throat and lifted her up in the air.

“I want you to live. I want a sister. But if I give you my brain you’ll stop being you!”

“I don’t understand!”

“Open your mind! Read what is in mine! You and I, we understand each other, in all the seventeen dimensions that we can reach!”

Mirabelle lowered her to the ground. “But I’m a revenant! I’m some undead monster.”

“I don’t care! You’re my sister!”



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