Eternal Lies: The Masks of the Liar

Episode XVI: Ashes to Ashes (Director's Cut Deleted Scene 2)

[Deleted Scene begins!]

One night, as he was getting ready for a night out on the town, he felt a strange sensation, as if the link between him and Ruby and Jimmy and Millicent—which had gradually broken down over several months following the closing of the Singularity—had suddenly opened again. Through it he felt a presence—not something frightening, more like the cool, heightened awareness he felt when breaking through a particularly complicated mathematics problem.

He stared at his bedroom mirror. It seemed to him someone was standing directly behind him, in the inky shadows of the room. He couldn’t see the other person’s face, but he knew who it was.

Greetings, doctororange. We/us/ourselves have given much thought to the PROBlem you posed in the notspacetime we encountered you twentythreedimensionally ofcourse. The nottimespace the Messenger created/caused to benotbe.

“I asked a question?”

INdeed you asked what the probability was that our twentythreedimensional manifold of spacetime was a simulation. I/us/weselves knew that it mustbe infinitesimal but we/ourselves/us had never calculated it.


Most inTEResting nomatter how I/we/myself analyzed the problem there always ALWAYs remained the tiny probability that this WAS NOT a simulation. I/we/ourself means that the universe as you PERceive it thatis.

“So…you were wrong? It’s not a simulation?”

It MIGHTnot be. We/ourself/I cannot eliminate thepossibility. And this is the most INterESTing discovery we/myself/Us have made in this iteration of the lightcone you inhabit. We…me…I am most intrigued. So I have resolved to travel outside this manifold.

“Wait…you’re leaving the universe?”

Indeed, doctororange. There is the possibility that I can do so. And so I depart. We will not…how do you put it? Speak again. I maybe wrong. But I/we/us/you should continue to consider the possibility that this is the real reality of that which is real. Yes. We/you must do this. IN this case I think belief is as real as anyother reality. Goodbye now. We depart. Go with allof love.

[End Deleted Scene!]



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