Eternal Lies: The Masks of the Liar

Episode XVI: Ashes to Ashes (Director's Cut Deleted Scene 1)

[Director’s cut deleted scene follows!]

While the crowd in the amphitheater stared shrieking at the Singularity, a group of panel trucks looped around the open end of the arena and drove up to the stands. The rear doors opened, and with a shout Murphy and his men leapt to the ground, firing rifles in the air.

Betty jumped out of the cab of the last truck. She and Murphy yanked open the rear doors of the truck and lowered a ramp.

Kakakatak glided down from the truck with an astonishing grace for something so alien. It regarded the crowd in the stands for a moment, the spun away with complete disregard for them. The Yithian moved swiftly and smoothly toward the Singularity.

To its senses, there was nothing confusing about the Singularity. Oh, of course such a distortion in the local spacetime was dangerous, but the situation was well in hand. That was not what made Kakakatak’s multiple hearts flutter as it approached the vortex. No, it was the siren call of what lay on the other side of the Singularity, the promise that resolving the closed timelike loop held out: home, the return to the collective Yithian consciousness, the camaraderie of other minds like itself.

If, perhaps, no friends. But that was a human conception. It could ignore that.

As well as the loneliness that stabbed it with a sudden pang.

Someone stepped out of the smoke that had gathered in the amphitheater. Kakakatak noticed it coming but paid it no mind. The other didn’t see the Yithian until he was standing directly in front of it. Between the damage done to the generator room and the gunfire Murphy’s men were exchanging with the guards, visibility was probably pretty low for anyone not equipped with infrared vision and another three senses humans didn’t have words for.

The human in front of it was trying to say something. Kakakatak engaged the part of its brain that was slow enough to understand humans.

“…Monster! Get back! I am Goodman Black, the prophet of Nyarlathotep, herald of Daoloth, the alpha and the omega! My message is of love, but believe me that if you continue to interfere I will smite…”

Without saying anything, Kakakatak snipped Black’s head off with one massive claw. The human stopped talking and its body started to slip to the earth. Kakakatak sliced through its abdomen before it hit the ground, to make observations of the trunk of the creature easier.

Something was still moving under Black’s clothes. Kakakatak bent down and ripped open the dark robes with its mouth tentacles. Fused to the chest of the man was a forearm. It was smaller than the man’s own forearms and moved with a sickly sort of grace that was almost feminine. The arm was golden colored and Kakakatak could detect some kind of heavy preservative that had been used on it.

On the inside of the arm was a small, lipless mouth. It was cursing and spitting in a rather distasteful language that the Yithian stopped deciphering after realizing it was composed only of obscenities. Kakakatak swept its claw down and sliced the arm from Goodman Black’s chest. It bent its head down to pick up the arm with its mouth tentacles.

“I’ll have that, thank you very much,” said a woman behind him. She slipped around his vast conical bulk and gathered the arm up in her hands. She looked up at the Yithian from behind pince-nez, and then held up a section of the long red scarf that was wrapped tightly around her neck.

“If you don’t mind,” she said. “I’d like to wrap this thing up for transport.”

If it is possible for a being capable of predicting the most statistically improbable time events to be taken aback, then Kakakatak was. It hesitated for a moment, and then with shocking gentleness cut the scarf close to the woman’s neck with one huge lobster claw.

“Thank you, Kakakatak,” said Mina. She wound the cloth around the severed arm and then walked quickly away into the smoke and fog.

[End Deleted Scene!]



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