Eternal Lies: The Masks of the Liar

Episode VI: Woodrow Wilson's Guns (Part 3)

Gonchi drove them to the commune in Coyoacan. Millicent helped Geronimo and Ruby do triage in the courtyard, at least until they all dropped from exhaustion after midnight.

Around dawn, Millicent woke up a stretched, trying to work out the kinks in her back she’d picked up from sleeping on the floor. She walked out into the courtyard and watched the sky get light. Nearby, Geronimo slept hunched over a table, his head nestled in his arms. A few birds were sitting on the ridgeline of the house. As she watched, several more came up in groups of three and four.

There seemed to be a lot more birds than normal.

“Mr. Cuevas!” she called out. Geronimo picked up his head and looked blearily at her.

As if on cue, the birds rose as one and swarmed at them.

“Run!” shouted Geronimo. He pulled Millicent toward the door as the birds swarmed around her.

“They don’t have beaks!” shouted Millicent. The birds swirled around and came in for as second pass, their horrid mouths, filled with jagged misshapen teeth, wide open.

As Geronimo pushed Millicent through the door, several started to bite at his hands and face. He pulled the door shut behind him, bleeding from several cuts. The birds slammed into the door, and they could hear the sound of gnawing as they tried to eat through the door.

Jimmy rolled off the couch, and Ruby jumped up next to him. “We need an O’Donnell cocktail,” he muttered.

“Would these work?” asked Ruby, holding out a couple of pine torches. “They had them in a box labeled ‘Party Supplies’.”

[Seeing the birds was a 4 point Stability loss, but Geronimo got back 2 points for fulfilling his Duty, and Ruby and Jimmy clawed back a point for following their drives. RP made a Preparedness roll to find torches.]

Jimmy had just finished lighting the torches when the slats on the shutters over the windows collapsed and a dark cloud of screeching birds burst into the room.

Jimmy and Ruby waved the torches around and several of the birds dropped smoking to the floor.

[GP: You have anything that can help us, Jimmy?
JP: Only Cthulhu Mythos…
Me: I am really curious as to how a Cthulhu Mythos spend will help you out here.
RP: I am curious as well.
JP: I am curious as well, because I am trying to think about it exactly…
Me: You don’t know any spells—you forgot them.
JP: I never knew any!
Me: You knew that one at the end…

We negotiated an Outdoorsman use here to maybe reduce damage. I mentioned flipping blankets at them, and then we realized…]

Geronimo swept up a lace mantilla someone had draped over a chair. “Take this!” he shouted, tossing one end to Jimmy. They shook out the shawl and swept forward, catching the birds in the fine mesh of the scarf. Behind them Ruby swept the torch around, dropping another few birds. Several birds pushed their way forward, however, and bit Ruby in the face.

[Each point of Outdoorsman gave them 2d6 birds they could catch. We made this up on the spot; I hadn’t prepped that.]

Millicent grabbed a torch and jabbed it at the birds as Jimmy and Geronimo pulled their improvised net closed. The few remaining birds broke as one and fled out the windows.

Jimmy and Geronimo beat the netted birds to death with the extinguished torches.

“Those birds…they must have been sent,” gasped Jimmy. “If they didn’t know where we were, they probably do now.”

“I’ll start packing,” sighed Millicent.

[Me: No, no, you totally should have expected to be able to save the world while sitting in your office.]

With Gonchi’s help, they laid low at a mob doctor’s office to heal up and plan.

“We need guns,” said Geronimo. “We can compensate you handsomely.”

“What do you need?”

“Pistols. Rifles, shotguns. Explosives.”

“Those…shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Thompson gun?”

[I’ve been using some custom rules to cover auto/rapid fire:

When you fire a gun quickly, hold +Ammo. Spend your ammo, one-for-one, to:

—Cover a location
—Make another attack this round
—Use suppression fire to prevent someone from attacking

Most guns have 0 Ammo. Autofire weapons have Ammo +1. Guns with large magazines get ammo +1/2 if extremely large capacity. Firearms rating of 8 gives you +1 Ammo.

When you have used all your Ammo, your weapon needs to be reloaded. Guns with Ammo 0 reload in “drama time” as normal.]

“We can get you one. With the riots, they’re in demand.”

“I am thinking,” said Jimmy, “that maybe we can try and use Gonchi to put someone inside with Brooks. Someone who knows how he talks, can pretend to be a Communist, speak Spanish…”

Everyone looked at Geronimo.

“Can you do a Mexican accent?” said Milicent.

“Yes, I suppose I can pretend a cat pooped on my tongue,” muttered Geronimo.

“We can say he’s a comrade from Spain. Pancho or something,” said Jimmy.

“Pancho!” said Geronimo.

[RP made some Flattery spends to give Geronimo a 1-pt Flattery pool…call them elocution lessons.]

Jimmy staked out the intersection that Javier Luna had pegged as the place he and the band had been taken. After studying the area for a while, he decided that his most likely target was a pair of houses—a decrepit hacienda, and a modern house painted blue. Suspiciously, there always seemed to be two or three men at the blue house, watching the hacienda. On his way out, Jimmy walked by the fence around the hacienda. There was a padlocked door leading into the cellar of the building.

[Evidence Collection spend by JP.]



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