Eternal Lies: The Masks of the Liar

Episode VI: Woodrow Wilson's Guns (Part 2)

“We’ve picked up a tail,” said Millicent to Betty as they headed towards one of Jimmy’s dead drop sites. “But I can’t figure out who it is. They’re good. Let’s duck into that dance hall up ahead.”

“Is this a good time to go dancing? We got a guy on our tail!”

“We can watch the door and see if we can tell who it is.”

“Yeah, that’s a good idea! Unless it’s a Mexican guy, then we’ll never be able to tell.”

They found a likely looking place not far away and made their way through the entrance. The dance floor was in an open-air courtyard in the back. There was a spirited band playing waltzes and folk songs. A crowd of young men in beautifully worked shirts surrounded them almost immediately.

“What should we do, Millicent?” asked Betty.


“OK!” Betty glanced around, and latched onto a nearby man who was drinking a beer. “You! C’mon, let’s dance!”

“Que?” said the man, startled, as Betty dragged him out onto the dance floor.

“You know how to jitterbug?”

Jimmy dropped by the hospital Elena was convalescing in. She was still unconscious but seemed out of the woods. He made arrangements for a private nurse, and then hit his dead drops.

At one, he found a note from Millicent acknowledging the hotel had been burned, and that she and Betty were being followed.

As he began to think about how to find them, a car pulled up next to him. The door flew open and Gonchi del Toro waved for him to get in. “Your girls are in trouble,” he said. “Come on in.”

Jimmy slid in and shut the door. “I guess my luck really is better now,” he mused.

“I should have just taken your money,” grumbled Gonchi as he threw the car into gear.

“You did take my money.”

“Oh. Right.”

As they pulled up to the dance hall, Jimmy rummaged into the back seat and pulled a clean shirt out of Gonchi’s suitcase. “Good thing you were packed to leave,” he said, pulling on the shirt.

Gonchi seemed to be counting silently to ten. “Your girls picked up a tail, and your dead drop’s being watched. We probably have a tail now. The girls hit a dance hall up there, but they’ll get cornered there. We have to hurry.”

They parked the car and hurried into the hall. The girls didn’t stand out like a sore thumb—they stood out like a sore thumb someone had painted red and tied a neon sign to. Betty was jitterbugging away despite the Latin music, and Millicent was trying to remember her paso doble steps from her long-ago dance classes.

“What is wrong with these girls,” said Gonchi.

“They’re girls.”

“That’s sexist, man. My mother’s a girl.”

“They’re young girls.”

Yo ni puedo,” muttered Gonchi.

“Just go grab that blonde girl.”

“The one picking up that guy? I mean, literally?”


Gonchi ran out on the dance floor and grabbed Betty by the wrist. Barely missing a beat, she turned and decked him.

Jimmy hurried up. “Boss!” said Betty. “This guy was getting fresh with me!”

Gonchi moaned and rubbed his jaw.

Millicent ran up. “Mr. Wright! We should leave!”

“Yeah. One minute.” Jimmy turned, pulled out his wallet, and tossed a bunch of bills in the air. “Come on,” he said as people began to shriek and dive for the money.

They rushed through the kitchen, past the out of work American roughnecks who were working in it, and slipped down an alley and into the crowd.

[Stealth check by MP, with the other PCs and NPCs piggybacking. Millicent actually came close to blowing the roll—she got a 10 and the TN was 8, because their tail is very, very good.]



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