Eternal Lies: The Masks of the Liar

Episode V: Lawyers, Guns, and Money (Part 10)

Jimmy shuffled next to Elena Alcatruz. As he approached, he saw her pull a small knife from her purse and look around with a hateful look in her eyes.

On the stage, Brooks straightened up and waved at his bodyguards. “Protect Lev Davidovich,” he said. He grabbed the microphone. “All who can hear me! Go! Burn down Coyoacán!”

Clumps of people began to break out of the crowd, screaming wordlessly and streaming out into the street.

Dr. Orange and Trotsky ducked behind the speakers. “Ça, ce n’est pas peculier,” muttered Trotsky as Dr. Orange frantically traced power cables. “Aha!” the German crowed, and he pulled out a heavy voltage plug and then threw several levers on a circuit board to the left.

There was a smell of ozone and some pops from the equipment, but the music abruptly cut off. In the sudden silence, the boom of Konovalev’s pistol sounded like thunder. Dr. Orange quickly ducked back down behind the speakers.

Elena turned away from Jimmy and began to run with the rest of the crowd towards the streets of Coyoacán. With only a fraction of a second to act, Jimmy pulled his heavy .45 and cracked her on the back of the neck with the barrel. Elena fell heavily and lay crumpled on the ground, blood already beginning to pool around her head.

[So, a Weapons attack from JP did something like 5 points of damage; since Joe Schmoe humans have about 1 Health, Elena was immediately Hurt and in serious need of assistance.]

Out in the plaza, Ruby pulled a heavy automatic pistol out of her purse and fired a couple of quick shots at Konvalev. At the sound of the shots, the Russian waved to a couple of his bodyguards who opened up on the plaza with Thompsons.

[RP: I hate Thompsons.]

Ruby hit the deck and crawled over to a table Geronimo had overturned to provide some cover. Bullets whined and ricocheted off the stones of the plaza. In the confusion, Dr. Orange took careful aim at Konovalev and squeezed off a shot. The bullet grazed his arm, but he fired back at Dr. Orange, who had to flatten himself to the ground.

Geronimo popped over the edge of the table and fired several rounds at Konovalev. One of the Thompson gunners threw a hail of lead back at him.

[Folks were taking a lot of damage here, which makes sense because they were in an open space and facing guys with automatic weapons. Of course, I also rolled a lot of fives and sixes.]

Jimmy swept Elena up in a fireman’s carry and rushed back to his car. He laid her gently on the back seat, then yanked open the glove compartment and pulled out an extra .45. He ducked out behind the hood of the car and put a round into Konovalev’s shoulder.

The Russian dropped behind a crate on the stage and fired another shot at Dr. Orange. “We need to get out of here!” sputtered Julius to Trotsky. Keeping low, the two socialists evaded gunfire and vanished into the labyrinth of streets surrounding the square.

Geronimo braced himself and shot at the crate Konovalev was crouching behind. There was a satisfying thud as the big Russian fell to the ground when his shot hit home. The two Thompson gunners raked the square with gunfire again, and Geronimo heard a muffled shriek from next to him as Ruby took a bullet in the arm.

Jimmy jumped up onto the hood of the car and fired off several rounds at the two men with Thompsons. One grimaced as a bullet grazed him, but they kept advancing slowly, intent on finishing off Ruby and Geronimo.

[Normally, I’d have the gunners probably break and flee before things got to this point, but these were crazed Nectar Cultists, so they kept fighting until they went unconscious.]

Geronimo desperately fired off a few rounds, but the Thompson gunners kept coming. He was thrown back as a bullet slammed into his upper arm.

Jimmy shouted and vaulted from the hood of the car into the square. He raced forward, dodging gunfire, and firing his pistols back until they both clicked on empty. The Thompson gunners swiveled towards him and fired a nervous burst as he fell upon them.

Geronimo felt Ruby’s hands on his arm, wrapping a scarf over his wound. He took her hands in his own, and then tore off a piece of the scarf and wrapped it around her arm. They looked into each other’s eyes, knowing that it might be the last thing they do.

Jimmy and the gunners screamed as they crashed together. One tried to bring his gun up to bear on the private eye, but Jimmy wrenched it down with one hand and clocked him with the pistol in his other hand. He threw a kick backwards at the other gunner, who made a satisfying groan as Jimmy’s foot buried itself in his solar plexus.

Jimmy cocked his arm back to strike again, but suddenly his target crumpled to the ground. Ruby was standing behind him, with a bloody set of brass knuckles in her hand.

“I accessorize well,” she said.

[Preparedness roll for RP.]

There was a growl from behind her, and Geronimo threw himself onto the remaining cultist. The Spaniard’s gun barrel smashed into the other man’s head with a gruesome crack. Geronimo threw the man to the ground and stood breathing heavily and covered with blood above his body.

Jimmy broke the silence first. “We need to get the girl to a hospital.”

“Where’s Dr. Orange?” said Ruby.

“Over there by the car,” said Geronimo. The three of them trotted up to the sedan and piled inside.

They pulled out into the streets. Smoke was filling the sky, and they could hear the sirens of fire engines racing into Coyoacán. Dr. Orange frantically tried to stop Elena’s bleeding, but he could see that she had a skull fracture.

“She needs a hospital!” he called out to Jimmy.

“The cops will be waiting for us at a hospital,” warned Geronimo.

Jimmy cursed and swung the car heavily around a corner. “There’s some kind of People’s Clinic up ahead, I think we might be able to make it.”

But when he pulled up across from it, he could see several Federales standing outside. “Geronimo, get them out of here,” said Jimmy. He stepped out of the car, pulled Elena into his arms, and started walking towards the clinic.

As Geronimo pulled away, he could see Jimmy dropping to his knees with his hands on his head as the police raced up to him with guns drawn.

[So this was “worse outcome” type thing for me when Jimmy failed the Heat roll; basically, you can get Elena to the hospital to keep her from dying, but you’ll be arrested when you do.]



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